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From Coach, Yusuf Varzideh:

About Yusuf Varzideh 

Yusuf Varzideh helps transform the lives of others through their bodies.

After going from completely clueless in the realm of strength training, he took matters into his own hands and empowered himself with knowledge, research, and guidance.

Now, he helps men all over the world get lean, muscular, and strong.

Yusuf has a Bachelor’s Degree in Sport & Exercise Science from University of Central Florida (along with multiple personal training and nutrition certifications).

He’s also consulted with top fitness experts around the world. Some of them include Paul Chek, Elliott Hulse, Jator Pierre, Michael Ruscio, Mike Bledsoe, and more.

Through all of these experiences, Yusuf has constructed a scientific approach to strength training, weight management, and nutrition. It’s unconventional, but that means it creates unconventional results.

Here’s What People Are Saying About Yusuf Varzideh… 

Andrew S.

"I could never seem to get rid of that pudge on my belly, even though I was skinny. I tried to lose the fat on my own but just didn't seem to be doing something right. After doing this program for a few months, I went down to 10% body fat and gained 12 pounds of muscle. I look & feel the best I ever have!"

Reggie A.

“With Yusuf's help I was able to FINALLY see my abs and look in the mirror with confidence that I'm doing something right"

Kimberly B.

"Thanks to you- my clothes fit better than ever, I feel stronger, I've been doing more and living a healthier lifestyle having fewer tough days when I'm sluggish. And the best part is that I don't have to do hours of intense exercises or cut calories! Thank you so much I now wake up feeling ready to deal with my unpredictable work and life!"

Sheila O.

"Thanks to you I have gained and still gaining muscle which I was concerned I would never have. I feel so much better and confident in the way my body looks today. I now have less pain and a better understanding of how to get the correct posture when training. I really love your teaching style! I feel more confident and motivated than ever that I can get the body I've always desired"
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